A team of enthusiasts in a variety of professions

Around the world, more than 1,400 passionate and committed employees produce 2.4 million tonnes of malt annually to meet the demands of our industrial and craft brewer customers.

Malt production is an industrial activity, requiring both highly innovative technologies and human know-how, the fruit of experience in a profession, acquired with patience and passion. A wide range of expertise and skills are thus combined at our sites, with a real diversity of positions and responsibilities, in contact with barley, malt, customers or our support functions (Finance, Supply Chain, etc.), where each person can find their place with excellent opportunities for development. In each case, the men and women involved are committed to helping you develop your potential.

"Guaranteeing health and safety at work for everyone, with the aim of achieving zero accidents with time off work by 2030 is a priority that has become a real value for our industrial company. It is in this sustainable context that the potential of each individual can be developed to the full”

Laurent Rodriguez

HR Director

Discover jobs at Malteries Soufflet

A skilful blend of technology, mass production and craftsmanship, Malteries Soufflet produces an industrial product from an earth resource to meet the needs of a demanding market, both global and very local. Our activity requires a wide range of skills and expertise, offering a great variety of positions and levels of responsibility.

Head of Agronomy

The Head of Agronomy (F/M) is an expert who leads the new sectors. He/she ensures the supply of barley in terms of quantity and quality to the countries for which he/she is responsible. This position is particularly suited to someone with a passion for agronomic, environmental and sustainability issues and who enjoys being out in the field.

Silo Manager

In compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations, the Silo Manager (F/M) is the first link in the quality chain as he/she ensures the conformity of the cereals received. He/she is also responsible for the storage, inspection and shipping of the cereals that go to our malt houses.

Silo Operator

In close collaboration with the Silo Manager, the Silo Operator (F/M) participates in the smooth running of the silo. He/she contributes to proper reception of the grain, the quality of the grain’s conservation and its shipping. He/she complies with health, safety and environmental regulations.


The Maltster (F/M) directly assists the production manager in the execution and supervision of the various production operations in the malt house. At the heart of the production chain, our maltsters are committed to designing and producing excellent malts for our customers. Their know-how contributes to the production of unique, quality malts.

Production Manager

The Production Manager (F/M) assists in the implementation of quality, safety, health and environmental procedures. He/she is supported by a Production Assistant who assists him/her in his/her tasks. The Production Manager is also responsible for ensuring that our malt products are produced on time.

Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager (F/M) manages his/her teams in order to maintain the site’s facilities and equipment in optimal condition. The Maintenance Manager is also involved in troubleshooting when necessary. He/she is a driving force in the design of new facilities.

Maintenance Technician

Reporting to a Maintenance Manager, the Maintenance Technician (F/M) carries out mechanical and electrical maintenance work on the site, as well as having knowledge of automation, using a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) tool. He/she plays a key role in preventing outages of our production facilities.

Laboratory Technician

The Laboratory Technician (F/M) assists the Laboratory Manager and his/her deputy with analysis and recording of data. The Laboratory Technician knows how to interpret the results of his/her analyses and write reports.

Electromechanical Engineer

The Electromechanical Engineer (F/M) manages remedial and preventive work on our production site facilities. The Electromechanical Engineer plays an essential role in the company as he/she ensures the continuity of production by making sure that the production machines in our malt houses are working properly.

Methods and Process Engineer

The Methods and Process Engineer (F/M) provides support to the Operations Manager and the Industrial Manager in terms of project and investment management, monitoring of industrial indicators and process improvement. The Methods Engineer combines rigour and inventiveness to define and optimise manufacturing methods.

Malt House Site Manager

The Malt House Site Manager (F/M) manages all the processes of his/her malt house in line with the company’s strategic policy. He/she is responsible for investments, productivity, economic performance, employee safety and the environment within the site’s perimeter. He/she is the real conductor of the malt house!

Management Controller

The Management Controller (F/M) organises and controls the economic management of a given area of Malteries Soufflet, optimising financial profitability and supporting the management bodies in defining the general strategy.

Export Sales Manager

The Export Sales Manager (F/M) is a real expert in logistics flows. He/she is responsible for the commercial administration of orders for malts produced by our 8 French malt houses, from receipt of the order to delivery to our customers worldwide via all modes of transport to the four corners of the globe.

Malt House Salesperson

The Malt House Salesperson (F/M) develops revenue and commercial relations in his/her area. In the course of his/her work, he/she works closely with management control, marketing, sales administration and technical services. He/she listens to his/her customers to understand and meet their needs.

HR Assistant

The HR Assistant (F/M) is responsible for the entire administrative management of personnel by drafting, classifying and organising all documents related to personnel files. The Human Resources Assistant works closely with the Human Resources Manager. A desire for human contact and an enjoyment of dealing with others are essential.

QHSE Manager

The QHSE Manager (F/M) designs, defines, implements and monitors the company’s quality, health and safety and environment policy. He/she is a good listener and knows how to get close to all the company’s employees.

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