Our identity

A pioneering and committed malting partner

As a leading international player, we meet our customers’ most demanding specifications in each of our operating countries. With our 29 sites in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, we have an annual production capacity of 2,400,000 tonnes of malt to meet the demands of our customers - large breweries and craft brewers, distillers and other industrial players - around the world. Our agronomic expertise combined with our industrial excellence ensures the availability of a wide range of exceptional malts, standard or special, kilned or roasted, with the aim of continuously improving the sustainability of our products. 

The customer is at the centre of our concerns and their satisfaction is our priority. To meet specific needs, our ability to innovate and collaborate with our customers allows us to co-construct the specifications of the malts that will respond to their challenges.

Key figures:

1 042
million turnover (2021/2022)
2.4 M T
tonnes produced annually
varieties of malts
malting plants worldwide
malting plants in France
employees worldwide

Our challenges

  • To structure and develop sustainable malting barley supply chains, from variety selection to malt delivery, in France and abroad.
  • To serve brewers all over the world, from our exported European productions or from our local productions.
  • To strengthen innovation for the energy transition and more efficient processes.
  • To become the leading partner in the Craft beer segment.
  • To be our customers' preferred maltster thanks to our quality of service and our ability to collaborate and co-construct customised solutions.

Our strengths

  • A presence in the world's main brewing barley basins, as close as possible to farmers and brewers, within a local and sustainable approach.
  • Recognised agronomic expertise and an international testing network to ensure the supply of high-quality malting barley to our malting plants.
  • Industrial expertise enabling us to produce exceptional malts of consistent quality, while controlling water and energy consumption and guaranteeing the safety of our employees.
  • Logistical know-how to meet our customers' expectations in terms of reliability, flexibility and responsiveness.

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