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To produce the best malts, we surround ourselves with talented and inspiring people. We work together to develop their potential, their passion and their know-how. Thanks to the commitment of everyone, in every position, and all over the world, our industrial processes are constantly getting the best out of our partner farmers' barley.

In addition to sharing a corporate culture on a human scale and strong convictions aimed at ensuring perfect health, safety and quality of life conditions at work for everyone, our Human Resources policy supports all our employees in developing their talents throughout their projects with flexible working hours, career development and mobility, etc. This community of shared values allows us to be one of the world's leading malt companies.

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Working with us means developing your potential and nurturing your professional skills within the variety and diversity of our professions, both in France and internationally.

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Working with us is a life experience, through human-sized teams where everyone has a real role to play and can be valued according to their skills. It also means sharing values and a single objective: to produce malt of exceptional quality for our customers while guaranteeing the health and safety of all our employees. So come and share this experience with us !

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Learning as close to the field as possible, progressing thanks to knowledge passed on by others, exploring new opportunities in complete safety via both CAP (certificat d’aptitude professionnelle) [certificate of professional competence] and engineering courses: the values of apprenticeship have always been aligned with those of Malteries Soufflet.

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Malteries Soufflet offers more than just a job: it is about joining a real company dynamic on a human scale, where everyone, whatever their position or responsibilities, can contribute to its development and enrich the values and culture that unite us.

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National or international brewer or distiller

Are you looking for a strong and reliable partner to meet your malt needs around the world and provide solutions to your specific challenges and the expectations of your consumers?

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A craft brewer or distiller

Do you have an idea for a beer or a whiskey? We can help you find the malt you need from our wide range of products to design the product that expresses who you are. Our expertise and the know-how of our maltsters over the past 70 years have enabled us to offer you exceptional malts of consistent quality that are evermore sustainable. We also offer services to meet your specific needs and the expectations of your consumers.

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A Journalist

Are you looking for information about Malteries Soufflet, would you like to request an interview or would you like to receive our annual reports and press releases? Get in touch with us!

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An Applicant

Would you like to live a unique life experience and join an international group with human-sized teams? Join us!

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